Late Night Thoughts

Am I the only mom who stays awake at night and thinks of all the things. I swear it never shuts off . I lay awake thinking of all the things I wish I got done and didn’t. All the things I know need to get done but I have no clue how to do or where to start. Then I think when’s the last time I actually looked at my husband?

See it’s not intentional but life with 4 kids is busy. Especially when they are little and you are their whole world. My husband works a lot and I am grateful for all he does for his family but at times it is like two ships passing by. I feel bad sometimes but then again I kinda don’t. We dreamt of this . We dreamt of having a house full of kids and toys all over and laundry with tiny socks pilling up.

It’s crazy but it’s what we always wanted. I could use more sleep though. It’s 2:27 am right now. Why am I up? I am up because my brain decided I wasn’t done yet. My sons second birthday party is on Saturday. Yes. You heard me right…his “second birthday party “ . I throw more than one cause ,why not. I really should be shutting my eyes but I can’t help it. I have a never ending list that never gets done. All I really want to do . Well what I wish I could do . I wish I could spend a whole day with my boys cuddled and not worry about a thing.

I don’t know where this post is going but what I do know is. I am doing my best. I love with all I have and hope they feel it .

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