In the Moment

Hair’s a mess, toys all over, dried spit up on my shirt and half dressed kids. Is this just my house or is everyone dealing with this? I feel like I am constantly failing. I see the pictures of the mom’s who are killing it at home with their kids. How do they find the time to clean the house, makeup on , do crafts and make a picture perfect dinner ! How, just how?

Today my toddler waited for me to be changing the babies diaper to then color all over my walls and tables. Did I mention this was with a marker! He then proceeded to draw all over his body. While this was happening my baby not only exploded front to back out of his diaper but did a scene right out of the exorcist. At this point I felt like things just couldn’t get worse. Man, was I wrong. Someone and I say someone as in I am not sure who pooped in my dinning room. It may have been my 3 year old who is potty training or my 4 year old who has dropped a doodle on the way to the bathroom. The crazy thing is that when I checked all their bottoms, there was no sign of anything left behind.

Now, I think well was that poop or was that chocolate? The fact that this is something that I have to think about and deal with , is just crazy. I never thought in a million years that I would question if something is poop or chocolate. This is now my life with four little ones. My older two decided, I wasn’t dealing with enough. So they took it upon themselves to take every blanket and stuff animal that they own and spread it around the living room. I thought this is it. I can’t deal with one more thing.

Is this what being home for the next 30 days is going to be like? As I clean up the mess, wipe down the walls and start to put the baby down for a nap. I look over and my boys were working on school work together. I hadn’t even thought about school work at this point. They decided that they were going to work together. In that moment all the craziness of the morning didn’t matter. All those picture perfect moments I see online didn’t matter. In that moment I saw that my boys working together. I saw the love between my boys and that’s all that really matters.

Mamas’s never doubt what you do for your babies. It doesn’t have to be perfect always. What we do for them matters. There will be a day when the messes will be gone, the laughter will turn to silence. They are only little for a little while. So for now I will just clean the messes as they come and enjoy my moments with them.

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